U PointTM Technology

Selective retouching of digital images used to involve complicated masks and layers, a challenging skill that requires specialist tools like magic wands, lassos, or even drawing shapes freehand. These cumbersome and time-consuming methods can lack precision, but now there’s an easier way…

Back in the early 2000s, Nils Kokemohr (founder and CTO of Nik Software) created a simple and revolutionary way to select and mask areas of an image without special editing tools or advanced editing skills. This method became known as U Point Technology.

Over the years, U Point Technology earned many awards for its ability to create seamless selections on digital images with simplicity and efficiency. And since DxO acquired Nik Collection from Google, back in 2017, a team of software engineers has overhauled and refined U Point Technology to make it even more powerful and yet still as easy to use.

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U Point Technology

how it works ?

U Point literally means ‘You Point’ and it works by enabling users to click on an area of an image that the user wants to change. The click sets up a Control Point that can be adjusted in size so that changes can be made to pixels within that area that are similar to the pixels beneath the original Control Point.

A circle of any size can be created around the Control Point to show the area where changes will be applied. Alterations can include attributes such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Structure. Pixels inside the circle will only be altered if they closely match the color channels, hue, saturation and brightness levels of the pixels under the Control Point.

The beauty of U Point Technology is its simplicity and the unlimited number of points that can be created within an image. U Point Technology is ideal for making precise selections and only pixels closely matching the Control Point will be included.

The system is ideal for selecting areas that aren’t completely round and selections can even be extended to areas that are partially shaded.

All the plugins of Nik Collection 3 (except Perspective Efex) have U Point Technology built in to their DNA. This means changes to key attributes can be applied exactly where they are needed.

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U Point Technology


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